M&A Research Database

Amplify your investment bank channels with our M&A research database

Solutions for Private Equity Investors

Improve your outreach to the long-tail of investment banks and intermediaries with Private Equity Info’s targeted M&A data.

Deal Sourcing

Connect with investment banks and intermediaries to find new deals

Build lists of investment banks and intermediaries, whether you’re sourcing deal flow or want to better understand the players in an industry.  

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Continuously updated and accurate investment bank data, direct to your CRM

Accelerate your investment banking deal channel with a Private Equity Info data license. Import up-to-date firm and executive data directly to your internal database. Includes 10,000 contact updates per quarter across 3,400 active investment banks and 34,000 investment bankers. 

Market Intelligence

Stay up-to-date with competitor investments to ensure you aren’t missing deals

Understand what your competitors are actively investing in and explore new markets with our intuitive database, with one-click access to your search history and notifications for new private equity deals.

Deal Sourcing

Evaluate portfolio company holding durations to find new acquisition opportunities

Filter by investment date to find portfolio companies ripe for exit.

Market Intelligence

Quickly map an industry and potential competitor activity

Save hours of research by instantly mapping the companies in an industry with just a few keywords. 

Explore the M&A Research Database


Learn more about our powerful relational platform, with tools that expedite your search and comprehensive accuracy across 34 million data points.

Targeted investment bank data and more

Our database features 127,000 key executives across 16,000 firms and 33,000 funds in the M&A industry, and more than 1.3 million private companies.

Easy and intuitive platform

Beyond comprehensive data, we've created cutting-edge features that are built specifically for private equity investors.

Executive Recruiting

Build an executive talent network to lead your portfolio companies

Connect with senior leadership at private equity-owned portfolio companies, filtered by industry and location.


Network with top executives at private equity firms and investment banks

Connect with leaders at private equity firms and investment banks.

Deal Sourcing

Discover private companies that fit your investment criteria 

Identify privately owned companies that may be ideal targets for your proprietary business development efforts. 

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