M&A Research Database

Comprehensive and accurate M&A data

Connect with 127,000 key executives across 16,000 firms and 33,000 funds in the M&A industry, plus more than 1.3 million private companies. 

Comprehensive accuracy across 34M data points

Find active players as transactions happen, updated continuously by our team of in-house researchers.

Connect with the right executives

Find and follow key players, with up-to-date contact information and LinkedIn profiles.

Robust data that supports the entire ecosystem

Go beyond private equity with investment banks, lenders, service providers and more.

Private Equity Firms & Portfolio Companies

Filter private equity firms by industry, investment criteria, industries of interest and portfolio composition.


Find financial buyers that fit your deal criteria.

4,900 private equity firms, including contact information, acquisition criteria, investment preferences by industry and geography, and more.


Identify the right contacts at private equity firms for your deals.

69,000 private equity executives, including contact information and bio.


Research firm funds to influence negotiation tactics.

17,475 private equity funds, including current and historical assets, investment criteria, number of investors in each fund, and registered location.

Portfolio Companies

Find financial buyers with a strategic interest using targeted portfolio company research.

118,000 portfolio companies, including business description, acquisition history, and contact information.

Portfolio Company Executives

Connect with senior leadership at private equity-owned portfolio companies.

50,535 portfolio company executives, including contact information.

Private & Public Companies

Search by keyword to explore private and publicly traded companies.

Private Companies

Identify privately owned companies that may be ideal strategic buyers in an M&A transaction.

1,180,000 private companies, including business description, industry code, location and employee count.

Public Companies

Identify the public companies that could be strategic buyers for your deal.

6,000 public companies, including business profiles, SIC code, exchange and ticker symbols, and contact information. 

Public Company Executives

Connect directly with key executives at public companies.

6,500 public company executives, including name and title.

Additional Data

Access additional M&A information that can help you throughout your process.


Investment Banks

Quickly identify investment banks and intermediaries and connect with 60,000 investment bank executives.


Senior Lenders

Find new sources of debt financing for your M&A deal.


Valuation Firms

Connect with relevant firms that provide business valuations in M&A.



Find regional partners that can support select deals, including 1,200 executives.


Hedge Funds

Filter and sort a comprehensive list of SEC-registered hedge funds, 22,000 executives and 16,250 private funds.


Real Estate Investment Firms

Private Equity Info provides a comprehensive directory of institutional real estate investment firms and 22,000 executives.


Beyond comprehensive data, you need the right tools and assistance to expedite your search. Easily save and export lists, receive automated alerts, map an entire industry in minutes, and get best-in-class customer support to help you succeed.


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3,000 / year


Includes private equity and investment banks data, lists, alerts and exports.
8,800 / year


Includes everything in Standard, plus private companies data, Exact Executive and Auto-Search.
12,800 / year


Includes everything in Pro, plus portfolio company executives data, NAICS and LinkedIn URLs.