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Recruit executives and connect with new private equity clients

Solutions for Executive Recruiters

Explore Private Equity Info's database of portfolio company executives to find industry-leading talent prospects and develop new relationships with private equity firms.

Executive Recruiting

Build an executive talent network to recruit C-suite executives

Connect with senior leadership at private equity-owned portfolio companies, filtered by industry and location.

Business Development

Connect with private equity firms and portfolio companies to generate new business 

Build lists of private equity firms and their executives by industry, investment criteria, and portfolio composition to source new leads.  

Explore the M&A Research Database


Learn more about our powerful relational platform, with tools that expedite your search and comprehensive accuracy across 34 million data points.

Targeted private equity data

Our database features 127,000 key executives across 16,000 firms and 33,000 funds in the M&A industry, and more than 1.3 million private companies.

Easy and intuitive platform

Beyond comprehensive data, we've created cutting-edge features that are built for executive recruiters.

Market Intelligence

Get better intelligence for business development pitches

Access a detailed view of portfolio companies and their private equity owners, including transaction details and the key executives involved.

Business Development

Identify untapped opportunities within your existing client base

Easily view up-to-date private equity firm portfolio composition and executive relationships to find referral opportunities and new prospects.


Executive recruiters get real results with Private Equity Info.

"We are crazy about your database. It took us only one day to identify an ideal person for a position that we would not have otherwise found."

Executive Recruiter

"I have been able to get to all the private equity groups in several states and after 2 days of work, I have 5 phone interviews and 2 travel interviews. This is unbelievably easier than the way I was doing it before."

Executive Jobseeker
Market Intelligence

Quickly map an industry and potential market activity

Simultaneously search private equity portfolio companies, public companies and private companies to identify the players in any industry.


Network with top executives at private equity firms and investment banks

Connect with leaders at private equity firms and investment banks.

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Continuously updated and accurate private equity data, direct to your CRM

Grow your executive talent network with a Private Equity Info data license. Import up-to-date executive data directly to your internal database.

Business Development

Sort firms and companies by region to connect at home or when you travel

Identify private equity firms you haven't connected with locally and better plan business trips and conference strategies by evaluating prospective clients.

Business Development

Discover private companies that are prospects for your services

Identify privately owned companies that may be ideal targets for your business development efforts. 

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