Find targeted private equity investors for your deal

  • Posted November 20, 2023 by

The best indicator of a private equity firm’s interest in a specific industry is that they've already made a similar investment.  

While many firms share their investment criteria, flagging multiple industry segments, transaction history better informs us of their main industries of interest, where they have already invested and are likely to invest further. 

To find targeted private equity firms for your deal, Private Equity Info’s M&A research database lets you search 118,000 private equity-owned portfolio companies using keywords and phrases that describe your client’s company, or by using industry NAICS codes. 

Searching by keywords and phrases

Once you find a relevant portfolio company, look at the keywords and phrases used in its business description. Use some of these as your next few searches. This enables you to spider out to find multiple players in the sector. With time, you should start to triangulate around certain firms that will likely have a specific interest in your client’s company. 

Using our cutting-edge tools, you can also connect with key executives at private equity firms and portfolio companies by email, LinkedIn or phone. You can save searches of companies and contacts for future reference, receive alerts for new transactions for in a given search, and easily export the data to your CRM. 


Searching by deal size

Another way to search our database is by filtering private equity firms by deal size, even those firms interested in smaller companies with EBITDA in the $1 - $5 million range. 

Because companies of this size are normally add-on investments to existing portfolio companies, the best method is to keyword search the portfolio company business descriptions to find those private equity firms that already own similar companies. 

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