Common questions about our M&A research database, answered

  • Posted October 25, 2023 by

The Private Equity Info team hosts demos every day to showcase the power of our M&A research database.

Time and time again, customers ask important questions about how our tools and data can help accelerate their M&A deal flow. For this article, we curated the most common questions we hear, to provide a clearer sense of what our product has to offer.

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1. How can the database help me work more efficiently and generate more deal flow?

The ways in which our database can help you work more efficiently and generate more deal flow are endless.  

Our database allows you to perform powerful, targeted searches of private equity firms, their investment interests, and professional bios. Our in-house research team has painstakingly and diligently collected and updated this information over the last two decades. All you need to do is enter a keyword or phrase, and then let the database do the rest of the work for you.  

Our database gives you access to 4,900 private equity firms, 69,000 private equity professionals, 118,000 platform companies, and 25,000 add-on investments. In addition, you have access to data on investment banks, mezzanine firms, public companies, real estate investors, hedge funds, and so much more. For complete details about the data we collect, click here. 

You can also identify which executive is the best contact at each firm for your deal, conduct automated searches to identify financial and strategic buyers in just minutes, save searches and setup automated email notifications, filter by keyword or NAICS codes, and easily access executive LinkedIn profiles. Explore all the intuitive features that make it easy to use our robust database by clicking here.

2. Am I able to download the information and build lists for future use? 

With our Standard, Pro, and Elite subscriptions you can quickly build, save, and export lists from the database. You can then upload the Excel file to your CRM or sort and splice the data to further refine your results. For a one-minute tutorial on building and downloading lists, plus other valuable tours of our platform, visit our Video Tutorials page. 

3. How accurate is the information in your database, and how is the data sourced?

We are fanatical about data quality. Our database is updated by a team of in-house researchers that conduct daily verifications of information and employ technology to identify when changes occur in the marketplace.  

For each data set, we track internal metrics for recency, including the median age of the data and the oldest data point in the data set. For simple data (like address and phone numbers), the median age runs around 11 to 13 days. That is, we verify, validate, and update the entire data set on a cycle that is less than 2 weeks, on average. For larger, more comprehensive data sets (i.e., portfolio companies), the median age is around 21 to 23 days. This means we have an update schedule for 118,000 portfolio companies that cycles every 3 weeks.  

4. What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our focus on data accuracy, ease-of-use, and personalized customer service has earned us a reputation as an invaluable partner for mid-market investment bankers, private equity investors, and M&A transaction professionals to accurately identify buyers for their clients’ companies and to fuel their business development success. Also, our database is available at an affordable cost that won’t break the bank.

5. Who is the database designed for?

Our most common customers are middle-market investment bankers, corporate business development executives, and business owners exploring a potential exit or capital raise. Private equity firms utilize the database to stay current with investment banks and to follow market trends. Customers also include M&A-related service providers such as transaction lawyers, accountants, consultants, and finance-focused executive search firms. 

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