How investors use Private Equity Info for deal flow & market insights

  • Posted January 12, 2024 by

Private Equity Info is a valuable resource for private equity firms seeking to enhance deal sourcing, monitor competitor deal flow activities, and build a robust executive recruiting network, while working more efficiently with advanced M&A search tools.  

This article identifies key strategies for leveraging our comprehensive platform, whether you’re evaluating your existing M&A data provider or looking to add new, effective channels. 

Amplify your investment banking deal source channels 

Private Equity Info’s research database tracks 3,400 active investment banks and more than 27,000 executives at those firms, making it invaluable for business development teams that utilize intermediary-led deal sourcing strategies. 

Users have the flexibility to sort our investment banks by industry focus, location, and typical deal size. You can build, save and export lists, including key executive email addresses and LinkedIn profiles, to upload them directly to your CRM. Create valuable connections with investment firms and intermediaries to enhance relationships and improve deal flow. 

Most of our private equity clients license our data directly, fully populating their internal CRM, so that they can be sure that they always have the most up-to-date contact information. 

Identify potential acquisition opportunities with portfolio company holding durations

Our database undergoes regular updates by an in-house team of researchers who meticulously track data on private equity portfolio acquisitions and exits. This includes details such as the timing of company acquisitions and the duration they have been held within a portfolio. Use our data to evaluate portfolio company holding durations to identify new acquisition opportunities and portfolio companies ripe for exit within your industries of interest with keyword or industry code filters. 

Gather market intelligence with recent private equity transactions 

In this fast-paced industry, staying abreast of daily changes can be challenging. Gain timely insights into private equity deal flow and stay informed on recent transactions to make sure that you aren’t missing deals from key channels, and stay updated on industry trends. 

Perform powerful industry research using Auto-Search 

Save hours of research with our Auto-Search tool, which allows you to instantly map companies within an industry with just a few keywords. Auto-Search eliminates the need for manual research by automating the process. Simply enter a company's website and Auto-Search automatically identify that company's associated industries. Review and refine the generated list, to pinpoint the company’s key areas of focus. Using the specified criteria, Auto-Search then provides a list of similar companies, including private equity-backed portfolio companies, private companies, and public companies, ranked by relevance. 

Recruit experienced leaders of private equity-backed companies with relevant industry experience 

Are you looking for C-suite executives to fill key leadership positions within your firm’s portfolio companies? Use our data to identify key executives at private equity-backed portfolio companies by searching for specific industry expertise and by location and build outreach lists using email address and LinkedIn data.